When Is It a Dental Emergency?  

Ouch! Are you experiencing severe tooth pain, or perhaps loss of a permanent tooth? When a dental emergency happens, it’s important to see the dentist as soon as possible. Knowing when it’s a dental emergency in Sarasota FL can help you get the care you need, to restore your teeth to a healthy condition. At Kenneth Schweizer DDS PA, we offer emergency care to our patients. Here’s what you should know.

Examples of Dental Emergencies

Below are some examples of dental emergencies. If you or someone in your household is experiencing one of the problems below, contact your dentist to find out next steps.

Loss of a permanent tooth. Loss of a permanent tooth is a serious problem. If you act quickly enough, you may be able to restore your smile and save the tooth. If you’ve lost a permanent tooth, contact your dentist at Kenneth Schweizer DDS PA as soon as possible. Then, get ready to go – you’ve got to get to the dentist quickly!

Severe pain in the tooth. Tooth pain is never ok, but if you’re in severe pain, this could be a sign of an infection. Tooth infections can spread, causing loss of the tooth and deterioration of your health. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, call your dentist to find out next steps.

Cracked tooth. A crack in the tooth may not feel bad at first, but cracks and chips in the tooth enamel can lead to infection, which is a dental emergency. If you’ve cracked a tooth, tell your dentist.

Dental injury. Some dental injuries can lead to a loose permanent tooth and other problems. Find out how your dentist can help.

Why See a Dentist that Offers Emergency Care

If you’re having a dental emergency, it’s important to get help from a dentist that offers emergency care. A dentist that offers emergency care should have the scheduling flexibility and the resources to assist you when you really need it.

What to Do When You’re Having a Dental Emergency

If you’re having a dental emergency, don’t delay! Call your dentist in Sarasota FL to find out what you can do to get help.


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