Special Screening Devices for Oral Cancer Detection

At each routine dental care visit with your Sarasota, FL, dentist, you’ll have an oral cancer screening performed to check for abnormal tissues. If your dentist notes any potentially problematic areas, they’ll need to perform additional tests using the following special screening devices. Here’s what you can expect during those tests.

Fluorescent Light

Upon discovering a strange spot in your mouth, your dentist can take a closer look with a fluorescent light. The light should brightly illuminate all the tissues evenly. If not, they can press on the dark spots to confirm that they properly blanch with pressure. Tissues that do not respond to pressure usually need further investigation, which usually means having a biopsy done.

Mouth Rinse

Another way to check abnormal for potential cancer cells is with a special mouth rinse and proprietary light. You just swish the rinse through your mouth, so it can properly coat all the tissues. Then, your dentist will take a look using the light, which works with the rinse to make cancerous cells glow. If that happens, then your dentist will likely need to take a biopsy to make an accurate diagnosis.

Biopsy Brush

If the abnormal cells need more investigation, your dentist may want to take a biopsy, or small tissue sample, to send to the lab. To do that, they will use a firm brush to scrapes away cells in that area. After that, the biopsy brush goes into a tube and gets sent to the lab where they’ll check for cancer cells. You’ll likely hear back within a week or two, depending on how long it takes the lab to examine your biopsy. Your dentist will then call you to come back in to hear the results and discuss the next steps needed for your care.

Ready for Your Routine Dental Visit and Oral Cancer Screening?

If you’d like to schedule your routine dental visit and oral cancer screening in Sarasota, FL, call 941-925-4888. During your call, you’ll speak to our team who will help you find a great time to swing by for a visit with Kenneth Schweizer DDS. As your trusted dental care team, we’re always here to help you enjoy excellent oral health and a beautiful smile for life.

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