The Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

You want your teeth to be with you forever…right? Then you have to take care of them properly or you will be making a trip to your dentist in Sarasota, FL to have some dental work done. Part of learning how to care for your teeth is learning what foods are good and bad for them. So let’s talk about some of the best and worst foods for your teeth.

The Best Foods for Your Teeth

Here are some of the best foods for your teeth.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cheese, milk, plain yogurt, and other similar dairy products are great for your teeth. Cheese makes saliva and saliva helps prevent cavities and helps protect you from gum disease. Milk, cheese, and other dairy products also have calcium and phosphates that put minerals back into your teeth while also helping to rebuild your tooth enamel.

Fruits and Vegetables with Fiber

Fruits and vegetables that contain fiber will help keep your teeth and gums clean along with helping to add saliva to your mouth. That saliva will help break down the sugars and starches, as well as the acids and enzymes they create after you eat.

Green and Black Teas

Both green and black tea contain polyphenols that help prevent and kill plaque bacteria in your mouth. If, at any point, your teeth begin to stain from the teas you drink, visit your dentist for a tooth whitening treatment in Sarasota, FL.

The Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Here are some of the worst foods for your teeth.

Candy and Sweets

This is no surprise! Candy and sweets have refined sugar which promotes tooth decay. However, if you do eat a sugary treat, make sure it’s chocolate, because some studies show that chocolate is not as bad as other sugary treats and dark chocolate is also good for your health.

Starchy Foods

Avoid foods like bread, potato chips, or any other starchy foods that can easily get stuck between your teeth. This is because when starchy foods get stuck between your teeth, they will cause plaque bacteria to form which contributes to tooth decay.


Carbonated drinks like soda are another source of added sugar. They also contain phosphoric and citric acids that will wear away at your tooth enamel.

Anything That Dries Out Your Mouth

Alcohol and some medications will dry out your mouth, creating other dental problems in return. If you find this the case in your situation, talk with your dentist about getting some fluoride rinse or gel you can use when brushing your teeth.

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