Timeline for Recovery from Dental Trauma

The time required to heal from dental trauma, damage that occurs to your mouth, teeth, lips, gums, or jawbone, varies depending upon the injury. However, the general timeline for recovery goes something like this. Your dentist in Sarasota, FL, sees you for an initial consultation. During this visit, they may perform diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, to better assess your needs. Once a diagnosis has been made, your treatment will progress over a series of visits. For non-serious issues, such as chipped teeth, your dentist may bond or fill the affected area. If the tooth is a molar, a crown may be needed. Procedures like these can usually be performed in-office in a single visit. However, for more serious injuries, such as tooth avulsion, repair may take up to several months.

Common Types of Dental Trauma

Common types of dental trauma include:

  • Damaged teeth — teeth that have cracks, chips, or fractures
  • Avulsed teeth — teeth that have been forcefully expelled from the socket
  • Loose teeth — the ligament that holds the tooth in place has been strained
  • Fracture of the alveolar ridge — damage to the ridge of bone that holds the teeth sockets in place and that may affect upper or lower teeth
  • Fractures in the maxilla or mandible which contain the alveolar ridge

Recovery time is based upon where your injury occurs and the extent of the damage you suffer. Your dental professional will answer all your questions regarding the expected length of treatment.

Common treatments for Dental Trauma

Your dentist has many options for repairing damage to your orofacial area. Some are more involved than others. For example, if you suffer damage to the tooth root, your dentist may recommend a root canal. And if you’ve lost an adult tooth due to trauma, a dental implant may be a sound solution. Dental implants are some of the more involved treatments for trauma because they involve several steps and your gums must have time to heal between each. The average timeline for completed dental implants is usually between 5 and 8 months.

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