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How to Care For Dentures

For many, dental implants, bridges and crowns have been used to improve the appearance and function of teeth. But for others, dentures have been the solution to a range of dental health problems. Dentures have been around for decades. Even our original president, George Washington, wore a variety of dentures during his lifetime! Thankfully, we’ve […]

Special Screening Devices for Oral Cancer Detection

At each routine dental care visit with your Sarasota, FL, dentist, you’ll have an oral cancer screening performed to check for abnormal tissues. If your dentist notes any potentially problematic areas, they’ll need to perform additional tests using the following special screening devices. Here’s what you can expect during those tests. Fluorescent Light Upon discovering a […]

Common Causes of Jaw Pain

It’s not unusual to experience a painful or sore jaw from time to time, especially after chewing something hard or sticky. But when your jaw pain starts to negatively affect your quality of life, it’s important to see a healthcare professional. Jaw pain is treatable with an individualized plan of care. 5 Common Causes of […]

6 Little-Known Facts About Dentures

Whether you’re planning to get dentures in Sarasota soon or you’re just thinking about getting them someday, these little-known facts about dentures will interest you. 1. Dentures can be Used Temporarily Just because you are being fitted for dentures today doesn’t mean you can’t get dental implants later on. Dentures can fill a valuable need […]