6 Little-Known Facts About Dentures

Whether you’re planning to get dentures in Sarasota soon or you’re just thinking about getting them someday, these little-known facts about dentures will interest you.

1. Dentures can be Used Temporarily

Just because you are being fitted for dentures today doesn’t mean you can’t get dental implants later on. Dentures can fill a valuable need to take care of missing teeth until you’re ready to get dental implants.

2. Dentures Take Time to Get Used To

Similar to contact lenses, dentures take some time to get used to. You’re having something in your mouth that you haven’t before, so the sensation will seem weird at first. Give it time and soon you will hardly notice that you’re wearing dentures.

3. Dentures Are Low Profile

Unlike the days when your grandfather wore dentures, the dentures of today are very low profile. In fact, only those you are intimate with will know that you wear dentures. Your work colleagues, friends, and extended family probably won’t even notice.

4. Dentures Don’t Transmit Hot and Cold

You know that awful sensation when you sip a cold drink and your tooth hurts? Well, you never have to deal with that when you wear dentures. With dentures, you won’t feel hot or cold when you eat or drink. On the flip side, this means that you do need to be more careful so you don’t burn your tongue or the roof of your mouth.

5. You Can Eat Your Favorite Foods Again

If your bad teeth have prevented you from enjoying your favorite foods like steak, apples, and corn on the cob, you’ll love hearing that you can eat all those things with dentures—eventually. At first, you’ll have to stick to softer foods. But soon you’ll be digging into your favorite sirloin steak like in the olden days!

6. Dentures can be Dyed

Your dentist in Sarasota will ensure that your dentures match the color of your existing teeth as much as possible. Dentures are dyed to look as natural as possible, so you don’t have to worry about glow in the dark teeth or unnatural hues!

These little-known facts about dentures have probably got you excited about getting dentures! For more information about dentures as a possible solution to your dental issues, please contact us today.

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