4 Things to Know About Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Every child has baby teeth, and every parent seems to have questions about baby teeth! It’s important to know when your child’s baby teeth should grow in when your child will start losing baby teeth, when baby teeth need to be brushed and other information. Taking your child to the dentist in Sarasota FL can help you get the answers you seek. You can also find out more by reading below.

1. When They Come In When They’re Lost

Typically, baby teeth start growing in between the ages of 6 and 12 months. The top front and bottom front teeth are usually first to come in. Once your child’s first baby tooth has grown in, you should bring your child to the dentist for a checkup. If your child’s baby teeth don’t grow in by one year old, then it’s important to bring your child to the dentist anyway, to find out if anything is going wrong.

Your child should lose their first tooth around age 6 or 7. Let this happen naturally! Allowing the teeth to fall out when they’re ready will help keep the teeth straight, as your child’s baby tooth serves as a placeholder for permanent teeth.

2. When to Start Brushing

Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they start growing in. Use a child-sized toothbrush with soft bristles to do this. Use child-safe toothpaste. Do not use adult toothpaste to brush your child’s teeth.

3. Baby Teeth Can Decay Easily

Baby teeth can decay easily, so it’s important to brush your child’s teeth twice daily, as soon as the first tooth has erupted.

4. Avoid Bedtime Bottle Use

One of the reasons that teeth decay easily is because many parents allow their children to go to sleep with a bottle. This allows the sweet formula or milk in the bottle to sit on the teeth, and that can cause tooth decay.

Avoid bedtime bottle use for this very reason. It’s also important to bring your baby to the dentist for a dental exam in Sarasota FL. The first appointment should happen as soon as your child has baby teeth, or as soon as your child turns one, whichever comes first. To make an appointment for your baby, call today.

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